Mississippi Scholar is a story about personal growth through painful struggles.

     Producing a film isn't easy. As indie filmmakers we will always be in search of financing because our work and vision sometimes does not coincide with that of a studio. That is a dilemma that we, as producers face. That is why we sometimes think outside of the box to create new avenues. It is also why we must seek out investors who believe in our production and the team of individuals we engage.

     We believe that MISSISSIPPI SCHOLAR is that film. With Emmy Winner Obba Babatundé leading the way in front of the camera and award-winning Ruben Latre behind the camera, our goal for success will become apparent. However, in order to go into production, we need to manufacture ways to raise capital other than just the historical path. I believe individuals who support us should have the ability to recoup their investment and to realize a gain going forward.  



     So, if we strike your interest to be part of something special, please contact us: